Friday, November 9, 2012

James Maslow Shares Things with Cambio

With touring, writing new music and taking personal vacations, we were super surprised when BTR babe James Maslow came to hang out with us!
On a break from seeing and hanging out with the guys, he talked to us about a potential solo project, the band's new album and dating girls in Los Angeles!
Like his band mate Kendall Schmidt, James just bought a new house too and admitted to us that being and living on his own isn't as fun and cheap as he thought it would be.
"You don't realize how many things go into the expenses of even changing the simple things to make a house yours. If you need to put in a pool and you live on a hillside...oh yeah, it's a lot of money!" he told us.
Hmm, sounds like he's talking about a personal experiences if you ask us!
He also told us that dating L.A. girls is a little challenging and that he didn't move to the city to have fun but to be in the entertainment business for life.

To see what he had to say about BTR's new album watch  the entire interview with James here

Source: cambio

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