Now you can all download the whole episodes of Big Time Rush! (Season 1, 2 and 3)


Episode 1: Big Time Audition download
Episode 2: Big Time School of Rocque download
Episode 3: Big Time Crib download
Episode 4: Big Time Bad Boy download
Episode 5: Big Time Love Song download
Episode 6: Big Time Mansion download
Episode 7: Big Time Photo Shoot download
Episode 8: Big Time Break download
Episode 9: Big Time Demos download
Episode 10: Big Time Party download
Episode 11: Big Time Jobs download
Episode 12: Big Time Blogger download
Episode 13: Big Time Terror download
Episode 14: Big Time Dance download
Episode 15: Big Time Sparks download
Episode 16: Big Time Fever download
Episode 17: Big Time Video download
Episode 18: Big Time Concert download
Special Eps 19: Live from Times Square download
Special Eps 20: Seven Secrets with Big Time Rush download


Episode 1: Welcome Back, Big Time download
Episode 2: Big Time Fans download
Episode 3: Big Time Girlfriend download
Episode 4: Big Time Live download
Episode 5: Big Time Halloween download
Episode 6: Big Time Sneakers download
Episode 7: Big Time Pranks download
Episode 8: Big Time Christmas download
Episode 9: Big Time Guru download
Episode 10: Big Time Crush download
Episode 11: Big Time Beach Party download
Episode 12: Big Time Songwriter download
Episode 13: Big Time Reality download
Episode 14: Big Time Girl Group download
Episode 15: Green Time Rush download
Episode 16: Big Time Moms download
Episode 17: Big Time Prom Kings download
Episode 18: Big Time Breakup download
Episode 19: Big Time Single download
Episode 20: Big Time Wedding download
Episode 21: Big Time Rocker download
Episode 22: Big Time Strike download
Episode 23: Big Time Contest download
Episode 24: Big Time Superheroes download
Episode 25: Big Time Secret download
Episode 26: Big Time Interview download
Episode 27: Big Time Move download

Especially for season 3, you gotta need UTorrents to download it. If you don't have UTorrents on your PC you can download it here >> download <<  and install it on your PC.
How to download file with UTorrents:
1. Open UTorrents on your desktop
2. Go to thepiratebay.se (link for download below) 
3. Click "Get this torrent"


Episode 28: Backstage Rush download
Episode 29: Big Time Return download
Episode 30: Bel Air Rush download
Episode 31: Big Time Double Date download
Episode 32: Big Time Merchandise download
Episode 33: Big Time Rush Party All Night download
Episode 34: Big Time Surprise download
Episode 35: Big Time Decision download
Episode 36: Big Time Babysitting download
Episode 37: Big Time Gold download
Episode 38: Big Time Camping download
Episode 39: Big Time Rescue download
Episode 40: Big Time Bloopers download

SEASON 4 (still using Torrents)

Episode 41: Big Time Invasion download
Episode 42: Big Time Scandal download
Episode 43: Big Time Lies download
Episode 44: Big Time Bonus download
Episode 45: Big Time Cameo download
Episode 46: Big Time Tour Bus download
Episode 47: Big Time Pranks II download
Episode 48: Big Time Rides download
Episode 49: Big Time Tests download
Episode 50 Big Time Cartoon download
Episode 51: Big Time Break Out download
Episode 52: Big Time Dreams download

Big Time Tour Special download