Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tulsa's World Q & A With James Maslow

Boy band Big Time Rush takes over teen hearts on Sunday with a live concert at the BOK Center. 

Get ready - not just for the dancing, the music and the good times, but for the screaming girls who love BTR - and the boys who would love to be BTR. The Big Time Summer Tour hits 50 cities this year and includes tunes from the Nickelodeon "Big Time Rush" television series and the band of the same name. 

James Maslow, who plays James Diamond on the hit show, recently did a an email Q&A with the Tulsa World. He talks about the show, the reaction to the buzzed-about samples of alt-rock band Blur in the band's new single, his fans ... and why he always gets goose bumps before a concert.

Q: How has response been so far on this tour? What's your favorite part of touring?

A: Response to the tour has been great. The shows have been crazy, so much fun, and there are so many people. The energy is awesome. My favorite part of touring is definitely performing live and getting to see and meet so many of our fans. They mean the world to us. We are so thankful to be on our second headlining tour.

Q: What can fans expect at your live show? 

A: Lots of dancing of course, and there will be a ton of cool things to watch. I love music and going to concerts, but I get a little bit bored if somebody just stands there and sings. There are four of us, and we're constantly moving. We throw in acrobatics. There will be pyro and some other surprises. We are covering a couple of Beatles songs this time around. We get fans singing and try to create a really phenomenal experience for everybody.

Q: What is your first thought when you hear those high-pitched screams when out in public? Girls seem to lose vocal control around you guys. 

A: I always get goose bumps every time we are about to go on stage and I hear the crowd screaming. I don't even know how to explain the feeling. We really do have the best fans in the world, they're so creative and loyal. They come to all our shows and know all the lyrics to our songs - what more could you ask for? We love them.

Q: How does Blur feel about you sampling one of the most recognizable pop-rock riffs of all time - complete with the "woo-hoo" on your single "Windows Down"? The song surely sounds like another modern-day summer anthem. 

A: I'm really excited about this song, and I've been a huge fan of Blur for a long time. "Windows Down" samples parts of "Song 2" by Blur, but we add our own creative flair and style to create something different. It's a song that will appeal to people of all ages. I'm 21 years old, and I would blast this thing day in and day out.

Q: How does the future of the TV series look? Have you guys been picked up for any more seasons? 

A: We just wrapped the third season a couple of weeks ago, with plenty of new episodes still airing. Right now the tour is our main focus. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. We just announced our dates in Mexico and Brazil, which we are stoked about.

Q: Also, what can fans expect on your album slated for release later this year? 

A: Definitely expect a little bit more mature sound, since we have grown so much from when we started. We will probably start working on most of our new music while on the road, which is what we did for our last album.


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