Friday, May 25, 2012

Indonesian Rushers Fanbase Project

Wazza Indonesian rushers!!! We've got some projects and we want YOU to be our participant!
We're working the project with other fanbases and also by ourselves, here are the projects

By Ourselves

We're going to send a letter to Big Time Rush and Kendall Agency. We want they know that they have tons of rushers in Indonesia and desperately want to meet them. So we write a letter and we want YOU to be on that letter.
All you have to do is make an "Indonesia Wants Big Time Rush/BTR" sign creatively and take a picture of you with that sign. Here is the sign example

With other fanbases

Here are the picture to explain you about the project, or check @TheBTRIndonesia, @BTRIndonesia, @bigtimerushINA and @IndoWantsBTR's twitter!

Let's get yourself ready and join our project!!! Show some actions to Big Time Rush!

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